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Dear visitor,

Hospital St. John is a modern general hospital founded on many years of experience in medical practice. From the very beginning, while St. John was special surgical hospital, there has been association with a number of international hospitals and collaboration with experts in different medical fields. St. John was founded with an idea of becoming a medical service provider according to modern standards, something that was at the time still foreign in Serbia. Guided by the international standards in medical care, experience and hard work, hospital St. John grew over years to the point where the needs of the patients started exceeding the capacities of the hospital. To accommodate patient's needs, and increasing requirement for good medical care, St. John grew into General Hospital St. John in 2009.


Kind, pleasant and professional staff that greets you at the entrance to the hospital St. John, and remains present and supportive during your visit, is only one of many things that makes Hospital St. John very distinctive, unique and highly proffesional.

The wide spectrum of services available in hospital St. John, together with modern diagnostic equipment allow us to the at the frontier of medical care and serve you in the way you deserve it.

Our new building, located in the downtown area of Zrenjanin, easily accessible from the major roads, spreads over 1300 m2, on three levels. Ten examination rooms, 8 patient rooms with 20 bed capacity, X-Ray, ultrasound, and mammography departments, are only some of many available services in our hospital.

Hospital Saint John employs over 50 employees, many of whom have been with the hospital since the day one. The excellence in providing medical care, which is based on many years of experience of the hospital founders, testifies and guaranties that our main goal is patient well being and satisfaction.


+381 23 510 765 |  +381 23 580 030
+381 23 580 031 |  +381 23 528 810

 Fax: +381 23 528 830

+381 60 0510 766 |   +381 60 0510 776 |  +381 60 0510 816


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If you wish to make an appointment at Hospital St. John , you can easily do it via our online form.
Simply fill out the required data below and click Send.

We will try to contact you via email or phone in order to set up an appointment in detail, 
if the desired slot is not available. Thank you for your understanding.


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